Queen Avenging Syndrome

Bare with me, this does speak about marketing/client management. If you’ve been watching Game of Thrones to the end of the final season, you’d seen a Game of queens unfold in front of your eyes. Spoiler alert and all that crap. So, while (hurray for gender equality) one queen does get on a throne by […]

Vive la Révolution

Hail to new beginnings. In our times, as in any, we can’t stand still. We can’t mourn the past, nor can’t we fear the future. Everyday is a winding road. And everyday we walk that first step. We must start afresh with no loss of energy and spirit. Forward we go. That’s the way, the […]

O Google, I’m so in awe

Photo Credit: Mobstr through fubiz.net O Google, I’m so in awe. O Google, I’m so in awe That you have several copies of most content produced by Mankind (online, books and videos). O Google, I’m so in awe That, on that note, you’ve grown a video business partly on copyright infringement grounds (more here). O Google, […]

Fifteen Quotes for your 2015 Marketing Plan and Strategy

Marketing has been undergoing tectonic changes and challenges at a very quick pace. Some key evolutions are underway: content marketing, story telling, micro-targeting, benefit/user pain focus, authenticity in products and processes. These are but a few. And of course, with the tidal wave of Digital and Social in the background (with Interstellar wave proportions). To […]

Terrorists’ Small Victory in Paris

Following the attacks earlier this months, I believe the terrorists didn’t succeed in scaring Parisians. For a moment we were shocked. Struck by disbelief, worried. But not afraid. People are still walking the streets, shopping, getting to work. Life goes on. There is however a small victory for the lunatics behind these attacks. It is […]